0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 01-10-2007

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I ran a few trips in teh last week. Most on the contender but one on the cat. We started out fishing the lump and ended up fishing the lump. I had Karl Wagner and his nephew out there for new years day and the 2nd. The first day was a little slow as the current was really ripping. We quit the lump around noon and went searching for hooters. First pass around the rig was a double on hooters. We had one that went around 75 pounds. We then started jiggin for tuna and picked up a few blackfin on a gold williamson jigs.

Day two was a different story though. We got out to the lump and the first fish in the boat was a nice yellowfin. We never even saw a bonito that day but we did end up with three good yellowfins and one blackfin. The nephew was nicknamed squid boy and he put a whuppin on a 140 pound yellowfin. The fish hit a half a pogie on a frenzy 9/0 with frenzy 80 pound flourocarbon.

On friday I had a couple in from Tn for the sugar bowl game. They had a wonderful watching LSU kick leprachaun butt and on friday we took the cat out and nailed some yellows. Susan Cathey fought Mal de mar all day but her husband Sam got in on the action. He caught his limit of three yellowfin using bonito for bait. The first fish was about an 80 pounder and was dwarfed by the 2nd fish. He hooked it on a 9/0 blue frenzy and the fight was on. I dumped the anchor pretty early in the fight and we chased the fish for about about a mile and the fight lasted around an hour and a half. It was so muddy we couldnt even see the fish till his head was out the water. My deckhand Hoop and I sank two gaffs in the fish and lifted him into the boat. Highfives all around as we got back on anchor and caught our third fish and called it a day.

On saturday we had a nice foggy day to head out in with Jim, John, and Kevin. We started out hot with three yellowfin in the boat in the first 30 minutes out there. Then it kinda slowed for an hour and then we figured it out. Up popped about a 300 pound mako. I stuck a slab of blackfin on and threw it out and we had a hookup. Fish took a ton of line and put on a heck of a show with five back flips. After all that though the hook just pulled and the shark got away. They are beautiful creatures for sure. After the mako was gone we picked through blackfin the rest of the day and ended the trip with 7 blackfin and three yellowfin.

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