Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 01-12-2005

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Started out with 4 trips in 5 days booked on thursday. I was running a 36 contender with a crew from MN. We had a great day on the lump and they severely got their butt whupped by a big fish. First fish in the boat was a 130 pound yellowfin and the last fish in the box was a 180 pound one. In between we loaded a few blackfin and smaller yellowfin. We caught all on chunks of bonito and we had plenty of yellowfin coming up in our slick. Fished the next several days and had a few yellowfin over 100 and all the blackfin and schoolie yellowfin you could want. On the last day is when it got interesting. We had 10 tuna in the boat to 150 pounds when this happened

I was on the boat that went down on the lump on monday. Again many thanks to Capt Mike Frennette for coming over to help. Here is the whole story. I was fishing on Mike Wheelers boat. We were in a 2002 2860 pro kat with twin 225 yamaha 4 strokes. We had been sitting on anchor for about 3 hours catching tuna. We noticed a lean in one side of the boat but thought it was because we had 3 big guys fishing on one side and that fishbox was full of tuna.

The lean became more noticable so I looked into a hatch to see if we had water in the bilge and the bilge was full of water. I started the engines right away and pulled about 200 feet of anchor line in before we just cut the line. I looked up at the radio to call for help and noticed all the electronics had shorted out as the batteries had gone under water. We had a friend fishing next to us so we motored over to him and offloaded 4 people. I thought I might be able to save Mikes boat with all that weight off. Didnt help one bit as you could tell the boat was still taking on water as there was water coming through the hatches and onto the deck of the boat. At that point there was no saving the boat as the port side gunnel was about to go over. I moved over to Johnny Cox’s world cat and they tossed me a rope to pull me close enough to jump in. About 30 seconds after I got on his boat it did a corkscrew and flipped over. Thanks to the help of John Poore. Johnny Cox and mike Frennett no one even got their feet wet. Mike even saved all of the objects that floated out of the boat.

Our best guess is that a through hull fitting must have come out while we were sitting on anchor because for 3 hours we sat level in the water and then in 20 minutes we lost the boat

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