Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 01-24-2005

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Venice fishing has been onfire and the sad part is I have some good weather coming up and open dates. Oh well. To start off with on wed we rolled on out there and set up a slick with me, Mike Ellis and KElly Pevey fun fishing. About 20 minutes after we got there we had a 200 pound fish playing in our slick. I managed to hook him up and then abouit 30 minutes into the fight we straighted and broke an 8/0 demon mustad hook. That was not too pleasing to me. We got back on anchor and started chunking some more and within 5 minutes I managed to hook into a 171 on a ocean blue frenzy hook. This hook held as Mike and I tag teamed this fish into the boat after about an hour and a half. Since we had no need for any more meat we headed back to the dock early.

I started out day two on the 36 contender and we rolled on out at 40 mph. Nice to start at the same time as everyone else from the dock and beat most people by 45 minutes. Got out there and set up our slick and put plenty of blackfin in the boat before we got the mondo hit we were looking for. This fish was hell with fins as it tried to wrap us around every anchor line on the lump. After we chased him around an hour we managed to stick the gaff in a 130 pound fish. We got back on anchor and put two more smaller yellows in the boat to end up with three yellowfin and 12 blackfin.

Day three was just as fun. Started out with almost getting spooled on a 30 before we could get off anchor. Broke that fish off. Kept fishing and the guys saying they could land anything. Well they got their chances several times on the same fish. The whole crew of five fought and passed the rod several times on a 160 pound yellowfin before they finally put it in the boat. We ended up this day with three yellowfin to 160 and 4 blackfin.

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