0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 01-28-2006 (Fourchon)

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Well we made it out one day last week on the 36 contender. It wasnt the fast and furious action I have been having but it was good enough especially with the anchor fish that we caught. It started out slow as we couldnt get a bait past the bonito. I was canepoling them with a 50w. I put a piece of skin on a hook and just flipped it in the water and then flipped them right in the boat. We probably cut up 30 bonito for chum. Finally the tuna started showing up. We pulled the hooks on at least one and maybe two yellowfin. but were starting to at least land some blacks and hooking yellows. Rob had a torsa 30 on a trevala rod that he wanted to use so I said go at it. He caught a couple blacks on it and then we saw a good yellow come in the slick about 120 or so. Thats the fish we needed. After about 30 minutes of seeing him we got a big fish to hit back in the slick and of course we thought it was the 120. It hit the torsa 30 and we got off the anchor to chase. I think we followed the fish about 2 miles and in the process almost went in front of a seismic research ship with about 6 miles of cable out but luckily the fish changed direction and went the other way.

After an hour we had color but this fish wasnt done it was just swimming on the surface and not doing circles. This fish was no where near tired yet. Saw him a couple more times and then he did a death dive down to near the bottom and luckily for us he got tail wrapped. Got him up to the boat stuck a couple gaffs in him and drug him over the size. I told Rob that he had the biggest yellowfin on the lightest tackle I have ever seen caught on my boat. we got back to the marina and the tail of the tape was 171.

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