0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 01-28-2007

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Ran a couple trips with Todd Alligood and family on the cat. We hit the lump both days and did well. On day one the first bite and first fish in the boat was a 60 pound yellowfin. Then we got the big girl to bite. She hit on 80 pound frenzy flourocarbon and a 9/0 frenzy hook and then took a ton of line. After about an hour fight we stuck a 180 in the boat. Everyone on the boat got to fight that fish. We kept at a slow pick and later on we got a 140 or so to the boat. That fish decided it liked my gaff so much it wanted to take it home to decorate its house. It also broke the line in the process so we completely lost him. Todd was on the rod next and he managed to put a nice 90 pounder in the boat on a chunk of blackfin. We had just a little more bait left so we started chunking with a 60 pound yellowfin. We took the chance because we knew there were some big fish around. We were definitly rewarded when a 130 hit a chunk. This fish was crazy and went under my friend Roberts Anchor. We pulled up to his boat and handed him the rod and he got the line under the anchor and then gave the rod back to us. About 15 minutes later we stuck him in the boat and headed for home.

The next day was rainy, rough, and windy and we called it a day after we put a 50 pound fish in the boat and headed back to the dock before the weather really got bad.

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