0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 02-02-2007

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I ran a couple trips this week out to the lump. Started out on monday with some decent conditions and some hungry fish. The water was a little dirty and had some strong current but there were plenty of fish in the chum slick. The first fish in the boat was a king and then the next nine fish in the boat were tuna. We were using 9/0 frenzy hooks and 80 pound frenzy flouro as usual. The fish were hitting both pogie chunks and blackfin chunks as we couldnt get any bonito for bait. We did lose one stud fish about 10 feet deep but we never got a clear look. It was a funny day as we had three guys on the boat using the same tackle. Two of them caught all 7 yellowfin and only yellowfin. The other guy Mike caught two blackfin, one amberjack, one king, and one beeliner and never even hooked a yellowfin. We ended the day with seven yellows to 105 pounds.

On Friday I had Lloyd Holland and his group from Auburn, Alabama. It was a little choppy but plenty fishable today. We hit the south side of the lump and started chumming hard. First two hits were yellows that were both right at 120 pounds. Great start to the day. The third hit was a 100 pound yellow that pulled loose right at the boat. After that it died completely. We picked up one more 40 pound yellowfin and a 25 pound blackfin and that was it for the day.

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