0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 02-04-2009

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I had a couple trips this weekend in the little weather window we had. I started out saturday morning by blowing a lower unit at 630 am in the river. I idled back upriver and switched boat and the north georgia striper club and I left out again about 745. I decided to go try some new spots since everyone else I knew was going to the same area I was planning on in the morning. I took off in Lee’s Glacier bay and headed out to the west. First rig was a dry run but the 2nd rig had three wahoo on it. Two came on a green bomber and one bit on a halco. Afterthat it died there so I fished my way out to the south with no luck whatsoever. Turned around and came back the other way all the way into dirty water. Tried a rig in 59 degree brown water and the first pass was a triple header on hooters. Landed all three of them and picked up one more to call it a day. Finished up with 7 wahoo and a nice surprize when I got back in. Capt Will Wall had managed to locate me a lower unit and I was back in business to fish on my boat the next day.

Had a new group from Texas for day two. Had the pleasure of fishing with Mark Francis and his customers. We headed out in a different direction from the day before and instantly found the fish in 58 degree water. There were tuna busting everywhere. They were mostly blackfins and wahoo biting everywhere. The bombers were number one on the day but the stretches, and halcos also put some fish in the box We only had two double headers on teh day but we also put 10 singles in the box. The biggest one was 65 pounds and was the only fish I caught in blue water it had a mullet in its stomach. All the other fish were stuffed full of pogies. We ended up the day catching 13 wahoo and keeping 12. I let the 2nd to last one go since it was easy to unhook him.

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