0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 02-05-2008

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Sorry for the lack of posts. Bad weather and a lower unit kept me from fishing a ton. I did make it out for two trips this weekend. I had Rodger Hanvey and his crew from texas on saturday. I made the decision to head long to the floaters since the lump had been inconsistent and the weather was beautiful. I rolled about 35 miles south of the lump and ran into the dead sea (literally) no marks on the sounder, no bait whatsoever. Hmm guess I made the wrong call on that one so I moseyed back over to the lump for an afternoon bite that never happened. Dont normally strike out like that but it happens.

On sunday I had Ken and his brother and their kids on the boat. All they wanted was action so I decided to head east to Elf. Caught one nice blackfin there and the bite died so I moved north and wahoo fished and jigged. No wahoo but the jigging was productive. We probably caught 10 just undersized ajs and one nice keeper about 20 pounds as well as a couple more blackfin. We did have some suprises though as Ryan proved to be the jig master general with a small OTI jig. He hooked into a big fish that was fighting kinda wierd. About 20 minutes into the fight up popped a 50 pound class cobia. That was nice. I dropped a live hardtail down for ajs and hooked up instantly and up pops about a 30 pound cobia.

About 30 minutes later Ryan hooks up again and we stuck the gaff in another 50 pound class cobia. After that the action slowed and we started losing jigs and called it a day.

Keep in mind in the pic that the Aj was about a 20 pounder to get an idea of the cobias size.

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