Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 02-07-2005

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It was an interesting three days in Venice. Fished on Yancy greens 38 mediterrean on friday. He wants to get some more charters on it. We left left and returned late but caught plenty of fish in between. The fish were being finicky and only wanted to bite on 50 pound leader but it wasnt too much of a detriment as we put 4 yellowfin to 70 pounds and about 7 blackfin in the boat.

Saturday SUCKED thats all there is to say about it. The water temp dropped from 68 to 59 and the current picked up so hard I coulda had twiggy the water skiing squirrel perform a show behind my boat. In fact that only reason we held anchor with 40 feet of chain and an 18 pound anchor was because we snagged another anchor on the bottom. we did put one yellowfin in the boat on chum and one blackfin on a swimbait. We even ran out to the floaters in the blue water and found no action whatsoever.

Day three now that was a comeback story as the sharks moved onto the lump as well as the tuna. It was a race to see what would get the bait first a shark or a tuna. the sharks won most battles but the tuna won at least 14 times as we put 11 blackfin and three yellowfin in the boat. Most of these fish wanted 50 pound line although we got a few to hit on 80. The baits of the day were small chunks of bonito. Also got a monster yellowfin to hit on a tsunami swimbait but it managed to spool us. Looking forward to getting back out there on wednesday. the blue 6/0 frenzy hook remains the hook of choice as they always get hooked in the corner of the mouth.

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