Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 02-15-2005

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What do you do when there are 100 plus boats on the lump and you are in a 36 contender? You go look for fish somewheres else. It was slick calm on saturday and we had the contender cruisin at 36 knots all day. Started out east, worked our way west, and then went south before we found fish. They werent the biggest yellowfin with the average being 30 pounds but they were fun on light tackle. hooked up several on light tackle and managed to land three on spinners. Also caught two on live hardtails. There were plenty of fish out there but I didnt head long until the afternoon and had limited time to fish them. The guys had a blast throwing poppers at busting fish and also just watching them bust and chase flying fish. One flyer almost landed in the boat but instead bounced off the side. We ended up with five yellows and a whole lot less stress. Gotta love not having to set an anchor and chum all day.

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