0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-03-2006 (Fourchon)

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Well I ran three trips last week and since the weather was calm the boat was fast and the air was warm. I decided to take my charters on a northern gulf of mexico tour instead of anchoring up and cutting pogies LOL About noon on the first day I finally found the hooters and managed to put eight 12-15 pounders in the boat. A little small but a lot of good eating. The bait of the day by far was a pink stretch 30 in the prop wash. It was finally taken from me at the last rig I hit that day.

On day two with Richard Mcmillan and friends I started with a red/white stretch in the prop wash and picked up where the pink one left off. First pass around a rig was a 40 pound hoo in the boat. Then it was off on the search again I finally got back into them in the afternoon about 50 miles from where I started the morning. In between though I had some serious excitement trolling around one rig. I made a pass by it and the sounder lit up and I was wondering what they were when all Four lines lit off. They were pulling some serious drag and I was beginning to wonder if I had run over a school of yellowfin when I finally got color on the first fish about 14 minutes and 58 seconds into the fight. Let me tell you a quadruple hookup on 50 pound ajs trolling is not what I was expecting. We did lose one to the oil rig but got the other three. I left that rig in search of tastier waters.

The last rig of the day we picked up three more wahoo off of to add to our three picked up in the middle of the day for a grand total of six wahoo and three ajs.

I had wed off which sucked cause the weather was nice but I was back at them thursday with a solid report of tuna being caught. I left out about five am with Cameron Strange and crew to go get em and on the way I ran across a 10 out of a 10 rip. I asked the guys if they were willing to give it a shot and they agreed and within five minutes we had a 40 pounder hooked up. We got into a hot bite and within 45 minutes we had gone 6-7 on wahoo when they shut off. We then went out to the lump and got on the bite there a little late and picked up one 40 pound yellowfin which was Camerons first. We picked up the rip line again on teh way in and missed a wahoo and then had a screaming strike on the rapala. I thought we had the mother of all wahoos when we finally got color and it looked like a big brown blob. Trying to figure out what it was when it charged the boat and I realized we had a big frickin manta ray hooked up. This is the second one in the past four years I have hooked in the MOUTH. Neither one was snagged. I finally put on the gloves and handlined it to the boat while cameron took a picture as soon as he sends it to me ill post it. The total for the three days was 20 wahoo three amberjack, one blackfin, one yellowfin and 10 released cudas.

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