0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-09-2011

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I was lucky enough to get a call from Josh Howard sunday morning asking me if I could take his cancelled sunday trip fishing on monday so off to venice I went to see what I could find. Talked to the couple and we made the decision to head to the floaters to find some action. We lost three yf on the troll early before I set up on top of them and started chunking. First drift I got the current wrong the first drift but the 2nd drift was right on the money. Got two yf on the jig and one on the chunk that drift. After that the jig bite died for yf but I was still whacking bfs for bait we were able to consistently get chunk bites from yf using blackfin as bait with 60 pound frenzy flouro leader. The first were actually running a little bigger then they have been adn we had several in the 50 pound class out of the 9 yf we kept. Around 1115 we put number 9 in the boat and went off looking for wahoo. they werent biting at all so we broke out the jigs and tried for ajs. First two drops were good blackfin so we backed up a little closer to the rig and quickly put two nice ajs in the boat to get their limit. Tried for some wahoo after that but no love so we headed to the house.

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