0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-10-2008

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Ran a trip last week with Rob Daly from up north. It was a little choppy and we couldnt make it out to the floaters so we pulled up to some inshore rigs and put out the trolling baits. Matt was the first one up and put a nice wahoo in the boat. That was it for him for the day as he threw up the rest of the day. Rob wanted to catch a few too so we stuck it out long enough for Rob to get a pair of hooters and blackfin. Since it was just the two of them and Rob felt bad for Matt we called it an early day and headed to the dock after going 3 for 5 on wahoo and added in a blackfin for a bonus.

I had James Kaiser and his wife and daughter on the boat on sunday march 9th. We headed straight out till we hit the rigs. The blue water was out about 40 miles. We ran into a school of busting tuna but they were too far away and we couldnt get a popper to them. Made it to our rig of destination and instantly hooked up with a solid fish on the chunk. Britney started out the fight but quickly passed off to dad. The fish was definitly an athlete as it spent most of the fight about 350 feet down. James took a break and let his wife fight for a while. He drained a beer then put the harness on and whupped the fish to the boat. No more yf bites but we had plenty of hits on jigs as we caught a few nice blacks before we called it a day.

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