Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-26-2005

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Had a trip on the 36 contender yesterday with JOhn Billings and kids, Brent Juliette, and Rober and his son Robert. Had a great start to the morning as I was the first boat to the lump which is usual in the contender. We motored around and picked out a spot above a school of tuna as shown by the sounder. Dropped anchor and it was on as the first bait in the water was a yellowfin caught by Brent. It continued on all through the morning as cut blackfin was the bait of choice for the bigger yellows. By 1030 we had eight yellowfin in the boat and had released well over 20 blackfin. The 4 biggest yellows went from 90-130 pounds and we could have caught more but they decided they had enough tuna so we went searching for some wahoo and found nothign but a lot of water

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