0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-13-2007

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I ran my first overnighter of the season on saturday night with Tommy Kuranoff and his friend Josh. I was really looking forward to seeing how the night bite would be We got out there and got set up and started chumming and nothing. Hmm this was not going well. Finally had a good fish on and it was a boat record RAINBOW RUNNER. Caught a 16.2 pound runner. Well it was back to tuna fishing. As it got dark we jigged for blackfins and chunked for yellows. The blacks were on fire and we probably caught 50 of them on 51 drops of the jig. We were chunking some and releasing some. We finally got a little yellowfin bite going on at one of the rigs. In fact we caught five yellows on five straight baits in the water. We finished out our limit about 30 minutes later when a 35 pounder hit the boat. We kept fishing for the fun of it and caught plenty of sharks and released a bunch more blacks before we called it a night with six yellowfin and 4 blackfin in the box.

I took some friends of mine out on monday to try to round up some hooters. It was a slow start to the morning as we drug baits around rigs. We had Carl Hodge, his son, and one of their workers on the boat. At noon all we had in the boat was three blackfin. We just kept working our way north hitting rigs and made a pass by a rig and all three lines took off. Found the hooters. Hooked the hooters and lost the hooters. LOL. Made another pass and managed to at least land one this time as Carl Sr put his in the boat and Carl Jr started a trend as he would lose 6 straight wahoo. We started bouncing around the rigs in the area and Carl sr and Noey picked up 4 wahoo to 65 pounds. Carl jr lost 6 wahoo and caught a 45 pound yellowfin and a 25 pound blackfin. The fish were hitting all lures from, rapalas, to stretch 30s. We ended up around 4 with four wahoo, four blackfin, and one yellowfin.

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