0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-15-2009

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Ran a trip on monday on my buddys contender since my boat was down for a day. I ran out to some rigs for some hooter fishing and was let down in the morning. All we could find were roving schools of big blackfin chasing bait in dirty water. Quickly switched gears and started chasing them with topwater poppers all over the place. I think we put about a dozen in the boat before we headed north to try for some yfs. They werent cooperating at all so the decision was made to go back looking for some fish on topwater. I put a pair of baits out while I was searching around for them and made a pass by a rig and doubled up on wahoo. HMM got both of them and the next pass I put 4 baits out. Whoops now we have a quadruple on with big screaming wahoo. Somehow we managed to land all four wahoo. The next pass was a double and then it trickled down to nothing. In the carnage though we had landed 8 wahoo in the span of about 30 minutes. AFter that with the boxes full we headed to the house with 18 blackfin and 8 wahoo.

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