0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 03-17-2009

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Just got back in from a stretch of decent weather and good fishing in Venice. I had JW and crew in for tues and wed and tuna was the name of the game. I went wahoo searching first on tuesday and I we managed to do was run into some open water yf and lose one on a popper and go 0-2 on wahoo in the morning. We made it over to the tuna spot for the afternoon bite and waded through some sharks and kings before the tuna started appearing. I think we went 3-3 on yf with all of the fish in the 70-90 pound range. All of the fish were caught on chunks of king mackeral and 80-100 pound leader.

Capt Lee was also out that day with our friend Justin and his crew from slidell. Wahoo was the name of the game for them and they managed to find a school. I think they went 7-12 on wahoo to about 60 pounds and also snagged one yf tuna and a dolphin before they called it a day.

I had JW again on wed and we started off with some bottom jigging. After a couple of breakoffs we started putting some fish in the boat. The cobia were eating up the OTI jackal jigs as well as a few scamps. I managed to keep one dead bait on the bottom long enough to also pop a small warsaw in the box. After that we went tuna fishing. They were biting right when we got there and we put three in the box before the sharks got thick. After an hour and a half of solid sharks the guys were getting antsy and asked to go back jigging. I asked to make one more tuna drift and after abotu 20 minutes of chunking and sharks all behind the boat we hooked up to a mac truck. I chased the fish all around the area as it never dove one time. An hour into the fight I run up on the fish from behind and Josh stuck the gaff into a mondo fish. It ended up weighing 181 pounds at the dock and so far is my biggest yf of the year. After that we kinda forced the fish into my box and headed to the house.

On thusday I had Blair and friends in from tn. We were hopeful for a repeat of the day before but the yf bite was not to be. The guys did manage to snag up three good wahoo on bombers as well as three blackfin trolling. We definitly had a blast though even with the yf not showing up.

Fri I had Mike in from Houston for our third attempt of the year to get out there for some tuna action. I told the guys the yf didnt bite the day before but the wahoo did. Of course I had to eat those words as the wahoo didnt bite and the yf did. It was a strange day though. I was moving from one rig to the other and instead of picking up the baits I decided to troll the two miles across. About half way over I doubled up on a blackfin and a 75 pound yf using bomber cd 30s. Hmm might want to troll around some more and it was productive. We caught two more yf and 3 more blackfin in the next 30 minutes. All of the fish were caught in 61 degree muddy water. After that bite ended we didnt hook another good fish the rest of the day. The pink/chartreuse and green mackeral bombers were the hot colors of the day.

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