0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-05-2006

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I had Chris Pope and his Dad Sam on their boat on monday. We started out catching bait off some weedlines and saw a bunch of chicken dolphin Summer is here (hopefully). Went on out to a rig and started a chum drift with 50 pound leader and 5/0 frenzy circle hooks. Fishing in the deep blue water you really need to downsize your tackle to get fish to hit chum most of the time. We were fishing the upcurrent side of the rig and the fish were hanging way off about 150 yards in front of the floater. We saw a few jumping and I landed one on my new Frenzy popper but the surface action was sporadic. eight of the nine yellowfin bit on chum as well as the one nice bull dolphin we got. Another summer sign was all the flying fish that were flyin around. A friend of mine even ran acorss three whale sharks that were all loaded with blackfin and skipjack. It was a nice fun, warm enjoyable day on the water as we called it an early day with our limit of yellowfin.

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