0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-13-2005

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I had a super fun trip on friday with Derek and Don hickman of Gainseville, FL. I ran into them on the dock when they were kinda already looking for me. We arranged to head out the next day in their boat and look for some tuna. We pulled up and were wondering if there were any tuna here when splash one jumps 10 feet beside the boat. Guess we got that question answered Started chumming a little and picked up 2-3 on that between 30-50 pounds. Then we got on a little pattern with the poppers and we would sit and wait to see one boil then both of us would cast and we would get double hookups on poppers including this massive 97 pound yellowfin on a spinner with a frenzy popper.

All fish on chum were caught using 50 pound flourocarbon and 6/0 blue camo frenzy hooks. There wasnt a lot of current so the wind really screwed up your drift but we caught all our fish on the upcurrent side of the rig. When we cleaned them they are gorging themselves on 2 inch scads and one inch squids. We ended up with our limit of nine yellowfin between 30-97 pounds
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