0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-20-2006

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It was a tough day offshore of Venice on wednesday. Luckily it was pretty calm so I got to run everywhere at 41 mph in the contender. We made bait super easy in the morning at a rig about 20 miles offshore. Tinker mackeral would be the weapon of choice for today. We rolled out to the next rig in about 5000 feet of water and began an oddesey that would last all day. Pull up to a rig and lose two baits to the cudas. 100 yards away from the structure and I was still hooking cudas which is unusual off of louisiana. I finally put a pair of 30 pound fish in the boat at the 4th rig I fished. But then the cudas started eating me up there too so that put an end to that. I hit another 4 rigs with nothing to show for it. It was getting late and I was getting frustrated so I headed to the dock to regroup for a next day overnighter. On the way in I had to pass by a rig about 18 miles offshore. I decided what the heck I might as well drop them in. First bait in the water you guessed it a big fat barracuda. While I am retiing that hook on I saw a huge boil on my other livie. Well at least I know its not a cuda. Wasnt sure if it was a tuna or not though as I had seen some sharks.

We fought the fish about 30 minutes and with every second passed I was getting more positive I had a good yellowfin hooked up. We finally got color and saw some sickles. The angler did a great job and we saved the day with a 90 pound yellowfin at the last stop. We ended up with three yellowfin for three anglers. Each got their first ever which makes any trip a success.

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