0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-21-2008

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Ran a trip on sunday on the palmetto. Had some fabulous weather and was able to cruise at 40 mph all day. Started off by making great bait which did no good except catch us some small fish we could cut up for chum. Hit two floaters and had nothing to show for it except some cudas and small blackfin. The third rig was the charm though. This was the only rig we went to that we did not see any yf jumping but they were there. We started off with a chunk drift and first pass we doubled up on 30 pound class yf with 60 pound frenzy flouro and 6/0 circle hooks. The third fish we hooked was a man though and although we had it about 15 feet down we eventually pulled the hooks on teh 100 pound plus fish. Started off another drift and doubled up again on 30 pounders. The day went from a bust to a success in about 30 minutes. We ran out of everything else so we started chunking with a barracuda and immediately put a 96 pound yellowfin in the box. I told the guys we had time for one more drift and we were heading in. All three chunks were bitten and we tripled up. First two in the box were about 30 pounds and the last one in was an 86 pounder. What a way to end the day. We headed to the house with 8 yf caught in about an hour and a half.

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