0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-23-2005

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Fished with Joe duncan and his bro in law Gary on their 26 foot century on wed and thur. Wed was the tuna day and tuna we did. Started off chunking and picked up two 40 pounders real quick like and then that bite shut off. The chunked tuna bit on pogies on 50 pound leader. Then we started trolling around some other rigs and caught three more 40 pound yellowfin one each on blue mackeral cd 18, fire tiger cd 18, and a squid chain. We picked up another 3 blackfin and three skipjacks which were saved for opening day snapper bait. We ended up that day with five yellows


Opening day of snapper season was beautiful as we ran out to the rigs at 35 mph in their boat. Hit a few unproductive rigs before we hit the jackpot and loaded the boat with a nice limit of red snappas, a couple lane snappas, and three groupas. Most of the action came on cut skipjack. We rolled in at 40 mph and had an enjoyable evening seeing the crowd that came in for opening day

On friday I had the pleaseure of going on San diego Terrys 32 regulator. what a machine. We just ate up the 2 foot rollers on teh way to the floaters. Me and my friend Mike Ellis cast netted up some pogies on the way out and what a success that turned out to be. first bait in the water on the upcurrent side was a 45 pound yellowfin as were the next 7 baits we put in. I was running one line at a time because we were fun fishing and didnt feel like dealing with doubles. To run the pogies in the current I was in we would idle up a quarter mile in front the rig and then cut the engines and the pogie would dive straight down right to the waiting yellowfin. The last one we caught I got on a new frenzy popper with the best hooks on a popper I have seen out of the box. They got just close enough for me to hum one out there and hook up. We broke off two yellows using light tackle and ended up quitting after 2 hours with six yellowfin with the biggest around 90-100 pounds. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4…snap/me078.jpg

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