0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 05-05-2011

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I fished the last 5 days in some pretty choppy weather. Only one day was good enough to make it out for tuna. The other 4 days we played around in slightly protected water and got limits of ajs plus bunchs of cobias and mangroves. The big tuna we got on the first day came on a frenzy popper and the other one came chunking. Most of the ajs were caught on jigs while a few were caught on dead pogies. The cobias were caught mostly on dead pogies were a couple were caught on feather jigs. The last two days we were out we were releasing cobias after we had our limit. The 60 pounder ate a live mullet.
The mangroves were on fire as well and they were being pretty stupid eating 60 pound leader like there was no tomm. After we got our limit on the 2nd day we caught and released another 20 mangroves while trying to get some more yellowtail snapper with no success. We did get one yellowtail each of the last two days.


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