0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 05-10-2010 (Ladder Snapper)

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I ran a trip for Cajun Odyssey charters on thursday with Thad and his son Tyler. The main goal was for some tuna fishing and maybe top it off with some bottom fish on the way in. We started off with a double on yellowfin. One on the troll and one on a popper. Picked up a couple more trolling before we moved over to popping. Managed to get a few on frenzys. Lost more then we caught on poppers but still had a blast with the 40 pound fish. I had a couple live baits as well and that was how we finished off our limit of 9 yf by 11 am. At that point we switched over to bottom fishing. Shoulda stuck with the tuna fishing as I Couldnt find any good big live bait for ajs and the current was ripping too hard for jigs. We did catch a bonito and cut it in half and sent it down in 350 feet of water for a warsaw. Thad got a couple of nibbles and then nothing so I told him to reel it up and check his bait. He tried but it was snagged and being that its 250 pound line its not easy to break so I cleated it off and tried to break it with the boat. Well whatever it was it just followed me out. Kinda ****** now cause I figured we were going to have to deadlift/handline whatever we had snagged 350 feet up. I did it for a while and then my deckhand matt got in on the action and he finished it off. After about 20 minutes we got deep color on it. Ended up being a ladder with a snapper wrapped around it. The ladder had to have been standing up right on the bottom because the line was run all the way up to the standing spot and wrapped around the ladder. It was a clean release on the snapper and the ladder. We did manage to jig up two large blackfin there before we called it a day and headed home

I had craig Mckinley and his group on saturday and the weather was pretty again. I started off with one yf on a popper in the morning before the fish went down. HEaded farther offshore and struggled getting live bait. We did pick up one on chum. out there as well. Moved around a little more and got one on a popper to end up with three yf. We really had to work to get them.

Should be out more this week with some hopefully good fishing.

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