0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 05-11-2011

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Finally got some breaks in the weather that let me fish wherever I wanted and it was good. The first day out was friday for me and I went long and had two bull dolphin in the boat at the first spot for my first dolphins of the year. It was nice to see lit up bull dolphin in the summer instead of oil floating around LOL. The tuna bite was pretty insane as we were handfeeding them chum at the side of the boat. Also nailed one on a frenzy popper and one on a jig to go with the 8 we caught chunking. Around 11 we called it a day on the tuna and went bottom fishing. The guys jigged up a limit of ajs but couldnt manage to get any groupers to bite so we rolled to the house with 10 tuna and 4 ajs. The biggest was 96 pounds.

I had a group in from Ms for the next day and none of them had ever caught a tuna. The bite had slacked off a little from the day before and we only managed to get 7 yf on the chunk and missed a couple on poppers. We tried for some ajs but the snapper were too thick and we had to give up on that.

Sun and mon I had the duke Le group in from California and we smacked the fish both days. On the first day we picked up 10 yellowfin with most on the chunk but a couple came on lures. Also caught a couple decent dolphins on chunks. The biggest fish of the day came on a popper and weighed in at 80 pounds. The guys wanted to go jig after that and jig we did. Pulled 5 ajs off of one rig. The highlight of the day was catching two ajs on one jig although one was undersized.

On mon they only wanted to catch a couple tuna and then go bottom fishing. We picked up 4 yf pretty quickly and headed north to a spot Ive been fishing hard and it continues to produce. WE got 4 cobia, 5 ajs, and 3 scamps on the jigs. We also got a huge gag on a jig that we had to throw back which really hurt.

Yesterday I had a group of biologists who have been working in venice on the boat for a little relaxation by them. The tuna bite was strong again as well as we tripled up twice chunking and had plenty of other bite. Around 1230 we quit out there with 10 tuna and 4 bull dolphin in the boat. Tried for some bottom fish but the current was ripping and we only added three fish to the box.

Enjoy the pics.

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