0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 05-12-2005

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Had a trip on the 36 contender on tuesday with Mathew Flake and friends and what a great trip it was. Started out with the first live pogie in the water being engulfed by a yellowfin while I was letting it out. Woohoo and it was on from then. We were using 60 pound leader with live pogies to start and when they died we switched over to chum and started loading up on dolphin. The dolphin ranged from 5-20 pounds with three of them being genuine bulls. The tuna were from 50-100 pounds and the biggest one big on chum. All the fish were caught on the upcurrent side of the rig on 6/0 frenzy circles. We did catch one dolphin on a frenzy popper but every other one swam up to the boat and ate chum, We ended the day with five yellowfin, one fat blackfin, and 8 dolphin. We then rolled on in to the dock at 36 knots.

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