0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 06-04-2008

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Had a couple day trips this week that somehow got scheduled on beautiful weather days with one footers. Dont know how I managed to get that. On day one I ran the palmetto with Mike Wilson, his son Brad, and a friend named Glenn. We started off in close at a spar chunking for yf and it was slow pickings. We had two bites and converted both of them into 30-40 pound yf before the bite completely shut off. I decided to roll south and look for the rip that has been out there the last week or so. Found a nice color change about five miles south and ran out the baits. Pulling two black holes, a marauder, and a marlin bait we started picking away at the dolphin. It was a slow bite with the black holes getting all the action at first. A couple hours into the troll the marauder went off and we had a hooter on as we were fighting it we had at least 10 wahoo swim up to the boat. Decided to mark this spot and fish it again and doubled up on the next pass. Saw a log in the grass line which must have been the reason they wdere stacked up in here. In about an hour we caught 14 wahoo as fast as we could get the baits out we would be hooked up. It was getting late and we left them biting to head to the house with 14 wahoo, 2 yf, and five good dolphin.

On day two I had a family from louisiana that wanted a little more comfort so we took the 34 sportfisher out for a day of trolling. I went straight to the rip today and it started off super slow again as we picked away at the fish and had 2 dolphin and 1 wahoo around 1230 in the afternoon. I never found teh fish like I did the day before in one spot but we worked it hard up and down the line with marauders and blackholes and had a steady pick on wahoo. By 245 we had called it a day with nine wahoo, and the two dolphin. Had a nice easy ride in to the dock as well with the AC and xm radio kicking.

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