Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 06-22-2011

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Ran a few trips this week. Only went out tuna fishing once partly due to weather and dirty water. The first day I went out tuna fishing I went to an area I havent fished in quite a while. I thought I was gonna bomb out when I got there because I wasnt marking much of anything except hardtails and rainbow runners but we set up a chunk drift anyways and lo and behold on the 2nd drift we hooked up to a solid fish and we put a 65 pounder in the boat. Made a few more drifts and added one good fish to the box. Right before we left I hooked a good fish on a popper but we pulled the hooks about 15 minutes in. Stopped at some closer in rigs on the way in and popped a bunch of mangroves and some red snappas.

On day two I had a group in from texas that wanted to just bend the rod as much as possible. Tuna had been the original plan but with the bottom fishing being so good we went out and slaughtered some fish. WE had a few jigmasters on the boat so they put a hurting on the scamps while everyone else was nailing the red snappers and mangroves. The reds averaged about 12-15 pounds with the biggest being 23 pounds. We also had 20 mangroves and 21 scamps with the biggest scamp being 18 pounds.

On day three I had a group in from indiana and it was blowing in the morning so we went to the most protected water and whupped up on mangroves and reds again. I had caught some live pogies on the way out so we were able to get on the cobias pretty well we kept 5 pretty good cobia and released 4 barely legal cobias to grow up for another day.

I had the same group for day 4 and we did a uturn on the tuna fishing as the waves going south were just too rough. Unfortunatly I just couldnt find any live pogies that day for the cobias so we couldnt get them to cooperate so all we got was a limit of red snappers and some pretty mangroves before we called it a day.

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