0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 07-14-2006

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I ran a few overnighters and a day trip this weekend, two on the contender and my deckhand went on a private boat one night. The first trip was a Cudd Pumping trip arranged by Cully McMinn with John Greschuk and some clients. We started out by making bait and then Jim hooked a 60 pound yellowfin on a rattletrap right at the boat. We probably caught another 15 small tuna at that rig on spinning rods and poppers/crankbaits. WE moved over to a drillship and after some monumental screwups including a lost gaff by me we started wearing out the tuna on poppers and live bait. John put a 120 pound yellowfin in teh boat on a frenzy popper and Cully caught a couple 80 pounders on poppers.

The last two fish came in the boat on live bait and were both about 60 pounds.

We left the next day about 3 in the afternoon and went back to the drillship. We caught one fish there but it was slow so we headed south to another platform. We arrived there at 7 and by 815 we had put 9 more yellowfin in the box between 60-100 pounds. At that point the decision was made to go swordfish which yeilded one slashed bait but no other action.

I had a little infection that needed to be taken care of so I had one of my deckhands go help out on a private boat. They left the dock around noon and fished their way out to the drillship. They caught 10 tuna in 2 hours on live bait up to about 140 pounds when my deckie managed to get a popper stuck in his finger which put a quick end to that night. The weekends trips ended up with an average of 10 yellowfin per boat.

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