0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 07-19-2005

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I have been running lots of afternoon and evening trips to avoid the heat and crowds. I normally get the rigs to myself and cooler temps and crazy fish biting everything you throw at em. they were hitting the lives at times 10 feet behind the boat. I fished with Shawn Vickers and crew the first two days. On day one we limited out with 15 yellowfin in 2 hours abd got back to the dock around 9 pm. We hit about five on poppers and the rest on livies. On day two they decided they wanted to wahoo fish in the afternoon then do a little night action for the tuna so what happens the first pass around the rig. We hook up another yellowfin. But then the troll bite slowed but we did put one 50 pound hooter in the boat on a red/white rapala. We headed south and started pickin up some yellowfin on poppers, chum, and trolling. We caught a 2 man limit of 6 and that was it for us as half of shawms crew had headed home the day before.


Then I had Scott Alvarez and crew from Tampa show up in Scotts new 31 sea Vee. It was a sweet 31 and sea vee builds a boat right. We did the same afternoon fishing and using 6/0 frenzy hooks we managed to put 8 yellowfin and one bull dolphin in the boat in two hours fri evening The fish were all hanging on the upcurrent side and were hitting 60 pound mono. We went out a little later the next evening and headed south a big rig and put them on some more tuna before they cried uncle after fish number 6. We headed in and took a nap and headed right back out for snapper.


As usual all fish were caught on the upcurrent side of the rig with 60 pound leader and 6/0 frenzy hooks.

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