0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 08-21-2008

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I ran a few day trips and one night trip in the last week. On thur I had Tufan and his friends from houston on the boat. It was supposed to be a nice day but the weather decided to change. We made it out about 25 miles before they requested not to go any farther. We went and did some amberjerking and pulled out one almaco and broke off two ajs. They decided it was too rough so we headed back to teh pass and caught and released a bunch of red snapper while we were looking for something to put in the box. It started raining on us so we called it a day and headed to the dock.

I had an overnighter the next night and was a little worried about the weather but it ended up being just fine for us. We headed south and had some problems finding bait. We did get some good bait and of course the blackfins ate it before the yf could get to it. Before dark we put one yf in the box and a bunch of blacks. We pulled the hooks on 3-4 yf on poppers in teh evening. We fished a little at night and decided to rest up for the morning bite right at gray light the fish went off and we had a quadruple header on yf. Landed 2 out of 4 and we kept throwing poppers till about 830 in the morning when they started to slow down on top. I know we landed 7 yf and dont know how many others blew up on the poppers and missed them or pulled the hooks. It was a very fun morning though as we headed to the house with 7 yf and 9 bf.

I had a day trip on sunday with a tackle rep and it was fun fishing with some wet weather. I think we got rained on for about half of the trip. We made it out to our rig of destination and started chunking. We put a 50 yf in the box on the first drift and then saw some fish jumping and hooked one on a frenzy popper. We landed that one and started another drift when a big dolphin showed up and Steve Kirkpatrick put a 45 pound dolphin in the boat for his first ever dolphin. Gonna be hard to top that one. The fish came up some more and we put another one in the boat on a popper before we started chunking again and nailed another one and lost one. Ended the day with 4 yf and one dolphin before we hightailed it to the dock before the rainstorm.

Had another day trip on monday With Clay and friends from longview, tx. It was a little choppy in the morning but it slicked off by midmorning. The fish were jumping everywhere and were biting just as well. Using 60 pound frenzy flouro and live bait we put 11 yf in the box before noon and headed to the house. We went 11-11 on yf and didnt miss a bite.

I had David queensbury on tues and it was not a repeat of the day before. The fish were jumping everywhere and we were hooking up but our landing ratio was horrible. We started out 3-4 and then missed 6 straight fish either on the strike or halfway through the fight. We picked up some more in the afternoon and ended the day with 6 yf total.

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