Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 08-24-2011

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Fish has stayed very solid in venice with plenty of tuna to be seen and caught as well as groupas mangos and ajs to fill out the box on some days. On fri I had Todd and his group in from ms and tuna was the main game of the day. We headed out long and if we could have turned 26 inch tuna into 27 inch tuna we would have had a full boat limit. We did pick up three quality fish though with two on chum and one on a livie before we went and spent the rest of our threadfin hearing on a limit of ajs which they quickly gulped up. Saturdays crew was not into hardcore tuna fishing so we stayed on the shelf and picked up three 60 pounders early before they shut off and we went and played. Had hearring for live bait again and quickly got a limit of ajs and picked up 7 scamp groupers as well. We tied up to some rigs then and chummed up some mangroves before we headed to the dock with a box full of fish.

Sunday was a rain day. Monday it was back to tuna fishing. Couldnt get any herring that morning but we had plenty of little hardtails to play with. Got one yf on a popper and went 3-5 on live bait before the fish shut off around noon. The ajs didnt want to play so we headed to the house with 4 yf and 2 good blacks.

Tues night was a sword/tuna combo trip. Tuna went great as we put 6 yf in the boat on live bait between 515 and 715 in the evening. Storms then blew up which caused me to leave and run around my sword grounds to wait out the storm. Once it went away we went back out to drop some squids but we only had a couple bites before the guys called it around midnight and we headed to the dock.

We also caught a wierd toothless shark I included in the pics.

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