Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 08-27-2011

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Fished all last weekend and it was extremely pleasent because of flat calm seas and catching yf 12 miles offshore. Hopefully they stay in close the rest of the fall season. Live bait was fairly easy to make as I had threads and baby hardtails. One of the big problems was the amount of 25-26 inch yf running around. We caught at least 30 of these that we had to throw back. A few of them made it to legal size but most were under. We were catching them on chunks. live baits, and poppers. The bonitos were also outragously thick although if you managed to avoid the bonitos and baby yf you were generally awarded with a nice fish. The biggest fish I caught all weekend was abouit 90 pounds and it came on a chunk 12 miles out. Really helps the gas bill and gets way more fishing time if you can stay in on the shelf.

Im headed back down today to fish a couple more days.
Hopefully we can keep avoiding the tropical storms and have a safe and productive late summer/fall

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