0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 08-29-2007

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I ran a couple sword trips last week on my new boat the Bill Collector. We had some decent luck but nothing extrodinary came to the boat. We picked up a yellowfin or two in each afternoon before we went fishing for the swords. On the first night we came tight on a good fish just after the sun went down. Unfortunatly we came unbuttoned about five minutes into the fight.
We moved to a new spot and put the baits out and the first bait in the water was inhaled by a sword. After about a 15 minute fight James Kiser put his first sword in the boat. A fat 50 incher was laying across the deck. We fished the rest of the night with no more bites so we headed to the dock.

I had Chris from Beaumont and his friends along on the next night. It was a repeat of the day before as we put one good yellow in the box along with some blackfin and a nice dolphin. Everything was caught on topwater plugs which kept it interesting. we set up at dark for swords and it was about as fast as the night before. We put one 48 incher in the boat and lost another one on a live hardtail. Overall it was a slow week for some reason hopefully the fishing will pick up this week.

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