0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 08-31-2006

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Offshore Venice LA

We made a little quick trip last night for some hopeful sword action. We left the dock around 3 and started out with some yellows to get the skunk off teh boat. WE put two yellows about 110 pounds each in teh boat on live bait by 715 and then we were off to the sword grounds. We put out our spread and waited. Then we heard a line click and looked around and saw our light swimming around on teh surface. We came tight on that fish and quickly subdued a 51 inch sword.

We continued drifting with no success so we picked up and headed deeper and about 30 minutes into that drift a reel went screaming off. John Geckle got on that rod and put a hurting on his fish. In about 30 minutes we put a 62 inch 140 pound fish in the boat. IT was one of the fatter swords I have gotten.

We picked up and headed south again and dropped down the first bait and wham we had a small sword on. Matt Thomas fought him well and put his first sword in the boat. We revived him for close to 10 minutes before the sword gave a shake of his head and a kick of the tail and swam off. We fished for about another hour before the wind picked up so we headed to the dock. The two big fish hit on the 100 foot line with a blue/green electrlume.

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