Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 09-22-2011

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 ran a couple of trips over the weekend in nice weather. The blue water was in and so were the tuna at least on day one they were. Caught a few baits on friday and headed down the shelf looking for some tuna. The first three rigs were dead but rig number 4 had 20 frigates circling over it and loads of tuna jumping around it. I had Lee Bull and his crew in for a bachelor party and also a tuna popper casting party. They were hitting live bait a little bit but they were coming up and nailing frenzy poppers on blind casts. All of the fish were quality 60-80 pounders. We also lucked up and got a nice wahoo on live bait. We started heading in to aj fish and ran into another pod of tuna where we got some blacks, a dolphin, and another nice yf. Jack fishing was slow although we did get a small one and lost a couple

On day two I went out and tried to replicate my success from the day before and got exactly the oppposite. All of the tuna from the day before were gone. I never saw a fish bust so we went back inside around noon and found a limit of nicde jacks on live bait and jigs. Went around and tried a few shrimpboats and got some jumbo blacks on jigs. Got a decent amount and lost some too. Headed back to the house with six blackfins and a limit of jacks.

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