Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 10-21-2011

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Been fishing a little bit during that calm spell we had. I made it out for three day trips and an overnighter. The overnighter started a little choppy but it calmed down as the trip went on. I headed long to the floaters as we didnt see any shrimpers on the way out. Made some good live baits and got down to work. We doubled up twice on livies with 60 pound leader before that bite slowed down and we started to chunk. Put one more good fish in the boat before dark and then headed closer to shore to swordfish. The sharks were out of control as we caught 7 sharks during the night but we did get one good sword bite and managed to convert it into a 130 pound 65 inch sword for dinner. Caught a couple more sharks after him and then went looking for the shrimpers in the morning. Found one but all it had were a couple blacks on it so we jigged a little and caught and released one 40 pound cobia as the guys had plenty of meat and headed to the house.

On Thursday I had Mike Barrett and friends in from Georgia and tuna was the name of the game. Rolled south to the floaters and had trouble with bait at first. We did manage one yf on the limited bait we had before we headed south. Next spot was loaded with bait but no fish so I kept going and thats where we found a few fish. We pecked at them here for a little while while putting 4 more in the boat and loosing two others. The weather started getting dicey and we had a water spout coming at us during one fish fight so we rolled closer to shore and got one amberjack before we headed in.

Friday was a cobia day for me the only problem was the cobia forgot to show up at my spots. I rolled a little farther west then we had been fishing and that was a mistake although we did get three to 60 pounds the better cobia fishing was closer to shore.

Saturday was back to action on the shrimpers and the blackfin bite was out of control. Half the time we were just chilling out feeding the blackfin for enjoyment purposes. WE did have some nice yf roll through during the day and did our damage to them putting two over 100 in the boat. One ate a big white trout and the other ate a ribbonfish. I think we ended the day with 23 blackfin plus the ones we released and the two stud yfs.


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