0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 10-31-2008

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Offshore Venice LA

Ran a trip offshore yesterday with JIm and his wife Liz. They wanted to be back in early so we stayed in close adn fished hard while we could. The first stop only produced a small yf on an oti jigging setup. We had more spot in the ocean to try before we had to head in. We got there and put a few skipjacks in the boat for chum and went to work. On about the third drift a chunkline went off and we boated a small yf. Threw it in the box and were about to setup for another drift when my deckhand Capt Lee shouted marlin under the boat. I looked down and sure enough there was a lit up white marlin under the boat. We hooked up a livie and pitched it out and the white came from underneath the boat and charged the hardtail. Made a circle around it with its dorsal out the water and then engulfed it. Let the fish eat for a second and came tight with a solid hookup. We fought it for about 15 minutes before Lee got a hand on the bill and we took a couple quick shots and let it go back for some future action on someone elses rod. We caught one shark on the next drift and called it a day and headed to the house.

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