0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 11-19-2009

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I managed to get back in time from my vacation to take one trip offshore in the flat calm waters we had for a couple days. I had Josh and his group in from Chattanooga, tn for a day trip for their first ever tuna trip. I told them after the trip if you want a repeat stay home cause they had a heckuva first time trip. We started off by catching a few blackfins. We saw a couple yfs but they wouldnt cooperate. For a couple hours we had quick as you can get in the water action on blackfins and bonitos. They were in a virtual feeding frenzy behind the boat. Around noon we had 17 blackfin in the box and we had released another half dozen more. We made one more drift and it ended up being the last after we had the gorrillas show up in the slick. About 5 minutes into that drift they showed up gliding through the water eating everything we threw in. I will never get it over watching the sickle fins of huge yf out of the water as they surf through my chum slick. I threw a bait in the water and one of them crushed it and we had a solid hookup on the 80w. We still had at least 2 more jumbos in the slick so I got a little greedy and threw out a 50 wide and got one to eat. I decided two jumbos at a time was enough so we let the rest of them live. After about a 30 minute fight on the 80 the first one was in the boat. The one on 50 was about 250 yards out on the surface at that point. since one was out the way we could actively chase down the long fish. Got on top of the 2nd one and it was mean. Of course having it on 80 pound leader instead of the heavy stuff made a difference as we couldnt put the heat on as much. About 45 minutes after we landed fish one I stuck fish number two and we heaved it in the boat to finish off my personal best double hookup. The tail of the tape is 176 and 185 for a combined weight of 361 pounds between 2 yft.

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