Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 12-14-2004

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The tuna are still biting like summer time off Venice. I fished yesterday with Ron White and Charlie Durand on Rons go fast center console. We left before daylight and headed out to a drillship. Got there adn tuna are jumping everywhere. Musta seen 100 fish come up in 10 minutes all of them over 50 pounds. We threw some poppers and hooked and lost a couple and missed one on live bait and about 10 minutes after we got there we looked back to our left and said what the heck is happenening it looked like the drillship had moved. Called them on the radio and yup they were heading out fast at 7 knots. Oh well that tuna bite is over.

We went on over to another rig and picked up 4 fat yellowfin on chum all about 70 pounds. On the way in we stopped and managed to hook up two over 100 pounds. One was on a popper and now the reel a thunnus is in TWO pieces. The other was on live bait and was a mojo monster tuna. Ended up abrading through the 80 pound leader after about an hour on the rod. We never really, slowed or turned this fish he was still taking 100 yard runs whenever he felt like it.

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