0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 12-21-2008

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Me and Lee snuck out on a 2 boat trip on friday. The goal was yf and the idea was to run long. Got about 30 miles out and it was pretty rough so he headed off to try a shrimper and I went by a rig to see if there was anything going on. No bites on the shrimper but first pass by the rig and I had a solid hookup on a purple diving bait. Woohoo caught my first wahoo of the winter season. After that is was just rediculous. I think I doubled up like 4 straight times with everything being 40-60 pounds.

there were also some yf hanging around and I caught 4 of them on yozuri bonitos. All of them were about 20 pounds. Lee had spent most of the morning trying every other rig in the gulf with no success so I left my rig and told him to wait a little while and they would start biting again. Sure enough he went over there and boxed three wahoo and 8 yf.

I tried some other rigs as well and there was only one holding fish that I found and it was the first one. It was also slapass loaded with hardtails and baby bonitos.

Looks like a good start to the winter season.

I ended up the day with 12 wahoo and 4 yf.

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