0ffshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 07-07-2011

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Been running a decent amount of trips and the tuna fishing is starting to turn back on. The bait is showing up Threads pogies and baby hardtails and that is making all the difference in the world. The snapper fishing has been awesome as usual and the mangroves are still hanging around. I have pulled quite a few cobias as well some were caught snapper fishing and some were caught chumming for mangroves. Also nailed a few warsaws although none were over about 60 pounds or so. The blue water has been moving in and out although it has consistently been within our range. I have been using mostly 60 pound flouro for tuna to try and get a few more bites. The best day I had it hurt me a little because we ran into some super stud tunas. We fought one for an hour and a half that ate a chunk and we never even saw it. That was a heartbreaker then we had one eat a live bait that took about 300 yards of lines on it first run.
I am back at it this weekend and have a decent amount of open dates coming up. Enjoy the pics.





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