Contender 36

By Dean Travis Clarke (Sportsfishing Magazine)
I took the liberty of climbing aboard the Contender 36 at the dock when no one was around. My first thought was, “Sheesh, you could take a cab from the bow to the stern.” This boat offers a huge amount of fishing space and can transport you to any fishing grounds in the blink of an eye.If you qualify as a truly hard-core offshore fisherman, you won’t find a more complete, better-designed fishing platform than this Contender. Two above-deck livewells in the transom augment another in the cockpit sole. Huge in-deck fish boxes outboard on both sides can handle numerous large tuna. . No matter where you stand aboard the Contender 36, if you start to lose your balance, there’s something close at hand to grab onto and a place to plant your feet.  As an example of attention to fishing detail, bow gunwale heights have been designed with spinning reels in mind. An average adult can reel down on a fish (remember, the reel is below the rod) and not bang the reel into the deck.  Unlike many performance boats that simply add fishing features to an offshore racing hull, Contender makes boats for fishing – then they make them fast. You can expect any Contender to be far more stable in a beam-sea drift, for example, than a performance-cum-fishing boat. I can’t imagine a more capable fishing platform than this 36.

Twin Vee 29 CC

By Jon Meade (Boating.Com)

With a 9’10″ beam and more than 120 square feet of cockpit space, your day should stay enjoyable even with a nagging brother-in-law at your heels. The deck is fully covered with grippy Rhino Liner, so if said brother-in-law leans a metal rod butt into the deck, there won’t be any scarring. You’ll want to keep this boat scar-free, because despite being a big cat, the 29 CC is attractive.  What’s more, it’s ready to fish right out of the box, with a standard T-top and 15′ outriggers. Other fishy touches include a 94-quart cooler in front of the console, a 50-gallon rounded livewell in the leaning post, and a grated wet-stowage compartment that’s perfect for your scale-dripping cast net. Not every detail is meant for anglers, however. Top end was 46.3 mph, but Twin Vee claims the 29 CC will break 50 mph with different props. Maybe so, but the most important thing about this boat isn’t high speed. It’s about exceeding expectations when you charge through big seas – including 6′ tugboat wakes.