Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 01-17-2012

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I made it out a couple of days over the weekend. One day with Dave Lams group from Texas and once with a two man trip with Chris and Rhett from Bama. The texas guys wanted tuna so off to the deep blue we went. First floater produced 5-6 yf only problem was they were all five pounds each. So we headed a little farther out and immediately doubled up on 30 pounders on the jig. While they were fighting their jig fish I let out a chunk and it got eaten by another 30 pounder. The next chunk in the water was eaten as well and we put it in the box. The next drift we had some hookup difficulties and went 0-3. WE set up again though and this time we hooked a much better fish. We got color on the fish and it was a difficult one to handle by the boat as it kept going high and under the boat. It was a pain in the butt fish but we finally stuck the gaff in a 150 class yf. The scale was broken in the marina so we dont have an accurate weight.

We kept chunking and catching fish from 30-70 pounds before we hit another stud on a chunk. The only problem was it was on one of the guys spinning reels and we never really did much with the fish and it popped the braid an hour into the fight.

At that point we headed in to rigfish with 10 yf in the box. Pulled up to the wahoo spot and they asked about ajs so we just changed rods out and started jigging. First drop I think they tripled up on ajs. We broke a fish off here and there and caught one scamp. After they finished their limit of ajs we called it a day and headed to the house.

I had Rhett and Chris on the boat the next day and off to the south we went. The bite had definitly slowed off from the day before but there was still some fish around. The first drift we put about a 60 pounder in the boat but after that it was slow. We stuck it out and put a couple of 30-40 pounders in the boat before we rolled north looking for jacks and wahoo. No wahoo to be found but a jumbo blackfin bit the dust. Got our limit of two jacks and headed to the house.

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