Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report 01-23-2015

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Finally got some weather to get out and run around offshore and hunt some fish down. Capt Michael pittman has been decking for me while hes getting paperwork done on his own 36 contender.
First day out I went to some close in floaters just to get out and stretch my legs a little bit. Caught plenty small legal yfs on divebaits and some undersized ones too. Hit a few shelf rigs with no luck then set up on a chunking spot. Caught a bunch of sharks and unfortunatly broke off two yf on chunks although we did get a nice 50 pounder that ate a popper while he blasting mullets in the air.
Ended up with 6 yf and a couple bf that day. A small cold front came through that night as we headed out the next morning we thought we were gonna get lucky as there wasnt a ripple on the surface. As soon as we hit the blue water though the wind jumped up and the waves came with it. We missed one wahoo in the morning then caught kings and sharks chunking. Ran back south to some rigs and started trolling. Doubled up on wahoo and lost both of them and then got a blackie trolling.
Next rig we tripled up on wahoo and got one in the box. Just wasnt our day on the water as we went 1-6 on hooters.
Day 3 I had kevin and his crew in from st louis. Decided to try a different area. First pass we doubled on wahoo and got one in the boat. Next couple passes we missed 3 more bites but they werent really nailing the lures hard.
Moved on to some other rigs and picked up a small yf on the troll.
Headed back to our first spot and first two passes yielded wahoos in the boat on 2 strikes.
They petered out and I headed chunking where we did pretty well got a couple yf on the chunk and a handful of blacks.
it was getting late and we wanted another shot at hooters. Went back to spot number a and picked up two more hooters and a couple blacks and headed to the house.
Had another day with kevin on the boat and we hit up on hot spot from the day before and of course no bites. Hit another rig with no love but the next rig we picked up one on but that was it. Fourth rig was the charm as we went 2-3 on it. Headed back around to the first spot and picked up one on it this time but that was it. Decided to go tuna fishing for a little while and made three drifts and picked up three 60 pound yfs and some more of the ever present big sharks.
Had enough tuna for the guys so off we went to troll again but only missed one wahoo and picked up one small yf on a pink mirrorlure.
By far the top bite producing lures of the week were the purple russellure and the pink mirrorlure.

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