Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report 02-04-2015

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Fished a couple days last week. First one was the day after a front came though and lets just say it was tough. All the spots I hit I wasnt even marking blackfins on them. Trolled 18 rigs and only had three bites, Two jack crevelles and one amberjack. Made a couple chunk drifts and only a few sharks going on. Jigged up a limit of ajs with ease but that was it for the day.
Started out on day two and it was warmer for sure. First two rigs were blanks but rig number three was the hot spot. We spent most of the day working around this rig and getting bites here and there on the russellures and bombers. First one we landed after an 0-4 start was a 90 pounder and that was the big hoo of the day although we did get several others in the 60 pound range. Took a break from trolling and made a couple chunk drifts. First one was a 60 pound tuna in the box. Made another drift and popped a 140 in the box and we were pretty much done after that. Picked up one more hoo on the way in to end up with 7 of them on the day.

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