Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 02-27-2014

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Been a strange winter in venice and the fish just arent always where they are supposed to be. I’ve been going farther out then we normally do in february but most of our trips have been very successful. Been pulling some fish on chum, some trolling with russelures and mirrorlures. Also been doing some topwater fishing and live bait as well. Every day has been a little bit different pattern.
The one thing that was consistent the whole stretch was I spent much of it at the floaters.
A normal day I would get out there and troll around for a little while to try and locate the fish and would normally pick up 2 or 3 on the drag then once we had the school located we would start chumming with blackfin or skipjack and generally put a whacking on them. A couple of days we were marking them but not getting bites so we would drop the jig and pick up a few.
The wahoo bite was off for most of the time but they were biting more at the end of the stretch.
I m heading back down today to fish for a few more days before mardi gras.
The coolest fish of the week was a true atlantic bonito they are a beautiful fish and I have only seen a few of them off of venice.


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