Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report 05-05-2013

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The venice spring bite is continuing to straighten out with some live bait showing up at the floaters. I had tinker macks one day and plenty of disco minnows some others. A lot of days we were picking up plenty of blackfin and some yf in close on chum when it was too rough to make it to the floaters. I made it out to the 50 mile rigs three days in a row. The first day we caught 5 on poppers and 4 on chum, The 2nd day we had no bites on poppers and got 5 on chum and 4 on live bait. The third day the bite fell off completly and we caught one on chum and one on live bait we did save the third day by chumming on the shelf and catching about a dozen blackfin on chum The amberjack bite was slow on jigs but they would hammer a live hardtail if you dropped one down. We havent seen any dolphin yet this year but they should show up pretty soon. All of the topwater fish came on frenzy poppers and all of the chunk/live bait fish came on 60-80 frenzy flourocarbon and 7/0 eagle claw circles. There are still a few wahoos hanging around as well and they were biting the bombers the best.



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