Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 07-19-2012

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I have extremely busy fishing almost every day and overall the fishing has continued to be excellent this summer. Unfortunately snapper season is now over because they were so easy and fun to catch on the way in from tuna fishing. We now have a two week lull till amberjack season so I doubt I bottom fish much these next two weeks if all I can keep is grouper. The tuna fishing was real strong last week and most of the time I was fishing about 12-15 miles offshore with live pogies. They are thick in the passes and 3-4 casts of my net is all you need to live chum with. I have been using mostly 60-80 pound frenzy flouro and 7/0 circle hooks for the pogies. The hardtails and threadfins are also starting to show up in good numbers and they work well for tuna too. I havent done much chunking recently but with pogies so available I havent had a need too. Some big fish also were around too as I put a 170 in the boat 25 miles offshore and Capt Mike Pittman got a 178 running a trip on the twin vee. Both fish were caught on torsa 40s so they can definitly handle some jumbos. Topwater action has been kinda slim as the tunas have been eating small minnows and squid and not been real active up top although we did snag a 120 pound yf on a frenzy popper right at the end of june.
Jigging for tuna has been productive recently as one group managed to jig up 5-6 40 pound yf in one morning.
I am leaving to head back down now so hopefully I will get some more pics soon.

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