Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 11-6-2012

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I have been fishing a good bit trying to get out in between fronts. The fishing has been hit or miss with the day after the front being most difficult with the fishing getting progressively better. The best day I had was 4 fish from 120-198 and some blackfins. I had to let my buddy lee bring in a 130 pound fish becasue my box was slap full of tuna. We also had a 182 from the boats. The days after fronts come through I have mostly fished the rigs because the shrimpboats normally take a day or two to get settled in. I have been catching the rig fish on live hardtails and have seen yellowfin busting in open water within 5 miles of the pass.The shrimpboat fish have been munching on whatever we throw at them from chunks of red meat to white trout or ribbonfish.

I also had a cool encounter with a blue marlin that we got some underwater shots on before we even put a hook into. Although I did get him to bite and illander but he pulled the hooks. That day we also got some nice dolphin and tripletails off the line.

We also had an encounter with a huge tiger shark that ate the tail off off one of my yellowfin about 10 miles offshore. The tiger shark was huge and he tail whipped the boat as we took his dinner away from him.

The two biggest tuna of the run were a 198 and 182

Here are some pics to enjoy.


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